Osaava Verme

The Finnish Network for Teacher Induction 'Osaava Verme'

Osaava Verme is a collaborative network between the Finnish teacher education institutions, including the vocational teacher education institutions and teacher education departments of universities. The main goal is to develop and disseminate the peer-group mentoring model (PGM) to support new teachers.

Peer-group mentoring (PGM), known in Finland by the acronym verme, is a Finnish approach supporting new teachers in their early career. PGM brings new teachers together to share and reflect on their experiences and to discuss the day-to-day problems and challenges they face.

The method has been piloted by the funding of Finnish Work Environmental Fund in 2008-10 and is being continuously developed by The Finnish Network for Teacher Induction 'Osaava Verme'.

How does PGM work?

PGM groups meet typically once a month to discuss work-related issues. The PGM approach draws on the constructivist view of learning which maintains that we construct our knowledge based on our prior knowledge, experiences, and beliefs. Peer discussion is therefore an essential element in creating shared understanding of the work of teachers


Osaava Verme in Finland

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